Beating The Heat In Baby Blue

Swimsuit: Juicy Couture Hat: Charming Charlie Necklace: Tarina Tarantino Shorts: Free People Sunglasses: Prada

Swimsuit: Juicy Couture Hat: Charming Charlie Necklace: Tarina Tarantino Shorts: Free People Sunglasses: Prada

Do you ever pick up a piece of clothing off a rack and automatically get inspired? No? Oh, well that happens to me like all the time. And not even just for myself. I could totally be talking to a complete stranger and give them not just accessory ideas, but full on “you need to be on a yacht with a martini glass in hand with your hair blowing in the wind.” Perhaps I’ve always been destined to be a fashion blogger.

This outfit was inspired by none other than Lene Nystrom, other wise known as the lead singer for my all time favorite Pop group (ok maybe second after Backstreet) Aqua. I’ve always loved this music video. And how could you not? The silliness. And the mod yet chic interpretation of what it would be like to be a real life Barbie doll. Plus, an interpretation of Barbie where she’s not blonde? Sign me up! I’ve been told several times over the past few weeks since cutting my hair that I can’t be a Barbie girl any longer because I don’t have long blonde hair. My response? Umm hello! Girl from Aqua! Plus, Barbie’s BFF Midge had a super cute super chic hair cut. And truthfully Midge has always reminded me of the doll version of Anna Wintour.

Alas, Barbie and retro 70’s mod were the inspirations behind this vibrant swim ensemble. While I know Juicy Couture lost their mainstream appeal years ago, I couldn’t help but snag this super cute and ruffly swimsuit! And in case you just got the memo and are scratching your head as to why you don’t see every house wife running errands in their velour track suits that’s exactly what happened. Every one had a piece of Juicy Couture. Sometimes what everyone already has is the last thing you want. Anyways, while I don’t recommend pearls for swimming they are perfect for an impromptu blog shoot on a hot summer day. And trust me, there is no better place to do a photo shoot on a day when you have triple digit temperatures than half immersed in a swimming pool.


juicy6 (1 of 1)

One of the best parts of this outfit was it gave me an opportunity to debut my new Simpsons inspired MAC lipgloss, Nacho Explosion. I know I’ve read some reviews of girls saying they were disappointed in how sheer the gloss is. My recommendation? Put it over a nude matte lipstick and the yellow really pops! Who would have ever though wearing something that made your lips look like they were covered in nacho cheese sauce could be so glam?!

juicy  (1 of 1)juicy3 (1 of 1)juicy4 (1 of 1)juicy5 (1 of 1)

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