Forever Floral

Dress: Forever 21 Boots: Joie Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Dress: Forever 21 Boots: Joie Sunglasses: Miu Miu

We all have those days where you are reminded life regrettably does not revolve around fashion. Which is a darn shame because the amount of money I’m about to spend on getting my car fixed I could buy so many cute shoes or even a Chanel bag…a small one but a Chanel bag nonetheless. Yup that’s what happens when your fuel pumps in your car feel as though it is no longer important to stay attached to your car. I’m lucky I didn’t’ die when they decided to part ways with my poor little bug. Who said tires don’t make good accessories? Oh, ya. That was me. Haha. What I didn’t think about is while they don’t look as pretty or sparkly, car parts are sadly more important. Ugh, sad day. Sad revelation.

But alas, like previously mentioned sometimes the universe kicks ya in the but only to remind you there is more to life than Stella Mcartney. And truthfully its days like this where I remind myself not all fabulous investments need to involve a triple digit price tag. This dress is actually one of my favorites and it came from the racks of Forever 21 nearly 5 years ago. Sometimes style that is inherently just you is the best investment because in circumstances such as that it’s not the label that makes the dress, it’s the person. And I suppose for the rest of my lifetime I will forever be known as that girly girl who loves pink and flower dresses. I can live with that!


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