Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Top: Winter Kate Necklace and Cuff: Saks Skirt: Free People Sunglasses: Prada Shoes: Steve Madden

One of the perks of being a fashion blogger is having an excuse to visit some of the earth’s most obscure and random gems. I would have never even known this place existed had it not been for my boyfriend and his support of this crazy blogging adventure of mine. One of his friends had actually posted pictures of Salvation Mountain this past weekend and he encouraged the idea that it would be a great place for a blog shoot. 

In addition to backdrops straight out of a biblical version of Alice and Wonderland written by Doctor Seuss, the message and the story behind the mountain was enlightening, inspiring and all around totally worth the almost 3 hour drive it took to get there. Sitting in the depths of Imperial County, in a city you’ve probably never heard of (Niland) is the hard work of Leonard Knight. In short Leonard Knight was a passionate, loving man who dedicated nearly 30 years to building his monument of love to the Lord. What began as a failed mission to share the love of the Lord through a hot air balloon resulted in an over extended road trip and mission to the desolate desert. Some slabs of adobe, random abandoned objects in the desert and dumps, and hundreds of gallons of paint turned into a Mountain of significant importance. The man worked endlessly to add to the mountain to spread the message of love. Despite the mountain collapsing once and an attempt from the government to shut it down, Leonard believed in the power of love and rebuilt and never stopped building. Which are lessons one can adapt to any aspect of life. Whether persevering in a career, in a relationship or just life in general. Sometimes ya just gotta believe that you were put on this earth for a reason. And you just gotta believe it will all work out. Sadly, Leonard passed away earlier this year due to the complications that come with old age. However his message lives on. 

I was watching an interview he gave years ago where he said he loves that people travel to see his mountain. And he loves it even more when people share his message with the world via the internet because it gives people from around the world the opportunity to see his beloved mountain. So Leonard, this is for you. And if you ever plan on visiting the mountain yourself my only recommendation is go off the directions that are posted on the website for Salvation Mountain. There is something nostalgic about getting step by step directions without the help of an automated voice telling you your every move. I promise you, you will get there safe and sound. And it’s so exciting when you see the colorful mountain stand out in the desert sands. I told my boyfriend when we both excitedly spotted the mountain it was like finding the X on a treasure map.

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"This is a love story that is staggering to everyone in the whole world." Leonard in his cameo in "Into The Wild."

“This is a love story that is staggering to everyone in the whole world.” Leonard in his cameo in “Into The Wild.”

And follow the yellow brick road I did.

And follow the yellow brick road I did.

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One thought on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. Jess you are right what an amazing place and I love the skirt and top!! I am glad that you were both able to enjoy a day in such an amazing place. 🙂

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