Floral Fun On Labor Day

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Necklace: Saks Dress: Mink Pink Shoes: Aperlai

While I suppose it would have been smart of me to celebrate the unofficial last day of summer wearing white, that’s not me. Instead I decided to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and simply have fun with the warm weather. Alas, any day that presents an opportunity to wear a ruffled floral dress I jump on it. After all, what better way to beat the heat than a fun light weight ruffled dress. And this is perhaps one of my favorite summer dresses simply because the story behind it is impromptu and so me.

So naturally you’re probably thinking to yourself, well what’s the story? Well dear reader let me enlighten you. So way back in the days when I lived closer to LA it wasn’t out of the ordinary to spend a night in the city of Angels. However, traditionally I was so close that meant I could come home that same night. Literally no traffic and I could be home in 20 minutes. Oh, how I miss those days. Well it just so happened that one night I didn’t make it home. Too many fruity drinks and a Del Taco coma later I woke up on a friends couch only to realize all my other friends whom I rode up with had already gone home! The nerve! You never leave a girl behind! To paint you a picture of the predicament I was in, I was not a pretty picture. And I am one of those girls who cannot be seen out in public without makeup on let alone wearing the same clothes from the night before. Especially in Beverly Hills! My friends who don’t have these same concerns began planning the day. First things first brunch at Urth Cafe. Ugh! Being seen in public in my present state was something I only imagined happening to me in my worse nightmares. Curse those delicious Del Taco taco’s for putting me in a food coma at 3 in the morning! I went into panic mode. One of my friends who had rudely left me behind had already communicated he was coming back to Bev Hils to spend the day with us. So I told him he was going to make it up to me by picking up my daily essentials from my house before he came back up. He couldn’t come fast enough. 

Plans to start the day were in place and nobody sympathized with my predicament/ fear of being seen in public basically a hot mess from the night before. But, brave face on I ventured out to the streets of Rodeo and Wilshire, sans hair extensions, sans makeup sans comfy walking shoes (good news though, I had a set of amazing LAMB heels on.) Brave only lasted 10 minutes and I practically ran into the first boutique I saw with a sale sign. I don’t remember the name of my sanctuary but this was the dress that I found. It was cute, casual and the answer to my prayers! And more importantly it was on sale. Thank goodness I changed too because next my friends decided we were going to Malibu. Fortunately I was able to pursued them to wait for our other friend to come which also mean I could go to Malibu for the first time comfortably, well dressed and a face full of makeup. Yup I’m one of those girls and not ashamed to admit it. So what started off as a potential disaster ended up being a fun memory and timeless addition to my wardrobe. 

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Top Ring: David Yurman Bottom Ring: CC Skye

minkpink (1 of 1)

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