Brave New Girl With Brown and Bangs

Top: Equipment Shorts and Hat: H&M  Shoes: Christian Louboutin Necklace: Charming Charlie

Top: Equipment Shorts and Hat: H&M Shoes: Christian Louboutin Necklace: Charming Charlie

So while I’m still getting used to having shorter hair (it’s so awkward being able to literally style my hair in less than 10 minutes) I’m having a lot of fun re-working pre-existing pieces in my closet. This was one of my favorite blouses from last season and I thought it was the perfect thing to add a little bit of chic to my new hair do. Yes, this was inspired by Nicole Richie (even though my stylist took off 2 inches more than she was supposed to.) So alas, I’ve decided this is a #girlboss hair cut. How many fashion icons have rocked a new do this awesome? I didn’t quite understand why people in the salon were telling me I was brave, but now that I’ve gone through 2 whole days with less than half the locks I had on Friday I have decided there are easily some highlights of having shorter hair. Below are my top reasons why having short hair rocks!

#1 I have so much more time in the morning to spend on styling an outfit instead of styling my hair.

#2 I use a lot less shampoo. Which considering I use moroccan oil is definitely a money saver!

#3 I’ve learned that apparently I have a personality that appeases a multitude of hair styles. 

#4 I add an instant flare of chic to each outfit. With the exception of my yoga wear. Nothing makes yoga look chic. 

#5 I now have an excuse to shop for head bands. 

#6 Once it grows out, I have an excuse to go back to blonde. I love how Taylor Swift rocks her short hair. And I think I miss being blonde more than I miss having longer hair. 

#7 I have so much more fun shopping for hats. 

#8 I can change this look up and decide whether or not I want blunt bangs or side bangs. 

#9 Anna Wintour and I now have something in common aside from a common love of fashion.

#10 I now have a reputation in the salon as being the brave one. 


equipment9 (1 of 1)

equipment10 (1 of 1)

equipment11 (1 of 1)

equipment6 (1 of 1)


One thought on “Brave New Girl With Brown and Bangs

  1. Not that my beautiful Granddaughter needs to look younger  but with my eyes you do look like that little girl at her birthday party at Sizzler years past  got a new Mac and it won’t let me get into my I -Photo  like the old one did but here is a short haired Jessica  with a wee small sister and the  little Jessica present that her mother always dressed her as yep just like a present she always  made sure u were dressed up  – you look so darn cute with the new look Miss Brave Jessica   so proud  of you love Grandma 

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