Signorelli: Live<3 Love <3 Give <3 Repeat



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Hat: Saks Sunnies: Prada Necklace: Zara Earrings: Saks Shorts: H&M Shoes: ZiGi Girl

Perhaps it’s because I saw Blackfish and have been more of an advocate for animals than I’ve ever been my whole life, or maybe it’s just because I’ve always been a firm believer in giving back. Or maybe it’s because I’ve subscribed to more animal advocacy Facebook Pages than a normal person and my feed is an ongoing sad puppy commercial. Either way, I do love me a label that gives back and benefits a good cause. Just like if you purchase a pair of Toms shoes, this company gives back to one of 8 great organizations. I was so excited to tell my boyfriend that my shopping helped save puppies and pandas! (Actually if I read that the most recent contributions helped a set of alligators at Los Angeles’ Wildlife Waystation. Not as fluffy but still cool.) My boyfriend just looked at me like I was crazy and told me if I didn’t stop shopping I would end up like a homeless puppy.

I had no idea this label was about promoting global awareness and assistance for great causes through their Signorelli Movement Foundation until I noticed the tag saying something about a donation. Then my curiosity led me to their website. According to Foundation’s website, their mission is to “inspire our rising generation to give back to the world in which we live. The Signorelli Movement Foundation inspires and educates young people to create abundance and pay it forward for themselves and their communities through programs and opportunities our foundation provides. We aspire for people of all ages to be touched by our work.” Truthfully, I just really want to go to the Safari Park I pass on the way to work every day and I thought this top would be perfect. That, plus it kind of reminded me of a cool Lisa Frank print. For those of you who were deprived of the awesomeness of the 80’s and 90’s Lisa Frank was the best thing to happen to girly girl’s who appreciated cute animals and bright colors. Google it. However, once I learned there was more to this label than comfiness, and cute designs I could not wait to share! I can’t wait to invest in more pieces and see what more great things fashionable choices accomplish! 

Each purchase of  a Signorelli top goes towards one of these 8 organizations. There is nothing better than looking good and feeling good for helping with a good cause.

Each purchase of a Signorelli top goes towards one of these 8 organizations. There is nothing better than looking good and feeling good for helping with a good cause. Each Signorelli piece comes with a barcode to be scanned. By scanning the barcode a donation is made to the cause of your choice. I was seriously bummed my barcode didn’t work. If it did, I think I would be torn between the Cause For Paws, and Wildlife Adoption Program. 

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One thought on “Signorelli: Live<3 Love <3 Give <3 Repeat

  1. Cute outfit I’m sorry your barcode didn’t work, I think that I would have chosen one of the education groups or the food for kids one. But saving a panda is ok with me too!! Rock on dear niece, rock on!! Love the shoes!!

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