Feeling Rebellious In a Field of Flowers

Rebel without a cause... Top: Lauren Moshi Shorts: Rag and Bone Boots: All Saints Sunnies: The Row Necklace: H&M

Rebel without a cause…
Top: Lauren Moshi
Shorts: Rag and Bone
Boots: All Saints
Sunnies: The Row
Necklace: H&M


As much as I love getting all dolled up for a red carpet, I was itching to get back to rocking out a good ready to wear outfit. Perhaps its because I’ve been seeing so many promos for Sons of Anarchy (seriously, is it September yet?) But today I was definitely feeling like a rebel without a cause, thus the little motorcycles on my cute little biker shorts. Enough with the cocktail dresses, give me some jeans!

This summer I’ve seized every opportunity to catch up on as many style books as possible. Currently taking up occupancy in my bag is Victoria Beckham’s style book “The Extra Inch.” In addition to reading it in a British accent, I’m actually learning a lot about some of her techniques on looking, and most importantly feeling fab. I never really bothered to affiliate looking good with feeling good, but since taking this advice into consideration I’ve altered the way I shop. Nobody likes admitting they’ve had to go up a size. But alas, I suppose it was bound to happen especially when for most of my life I was a size 24 or still fit into kids clothing (hooray for being short!) So what’s a girl to do when life is telling her to go up a size and her ego says just stick with clothes that say small? Just say screw it all and remove the tag! It’s not like anyone ever walks past you and says that outfit looks fab, what size is it?  That happens all of never! And I have never been so happy in a pair of jean shorts. Thank you so much for your posh advice Vicky!

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