Fashion Rules By YSL

Top: BLK MKT Shorts: Alice and Olivia Shoes: Elizabeth and James Hat: Saks Sunnies: Prada

Shorts: Alice and Olivia
Shoes: Elizabeth and James
Hat: Saks
Sunnies: Prada

So literally I was stopped on the street today by a woman who concurred with the statement displayed on my tank. She exclaimed, “hunny, you are absolutely right. Fashion does fade and style is eternal.” I giggled and responded with “Amen!” The world is full of great fashion quotes. It amazes me there isn’t a collection comprised of infamous Carrie Bradshaw quotes alone! This little gem was inspired by none other than YSL. It was either this or the top that proclaimed something along the lines of shopping is cheaper than seeing a shrink. Which is totally true by the way.

It’s rare that I commit to graphic tees (Wildfox and Lauren Moschi being the only exception to this rule.) Wearing a graphic tee is a lot of responsibility! First you have to agree with the saying. And especially after today it has to be worthy of a stranger stopping to agree. Although, graphic tees are a fun way for a fashion blogger to break away from the overly used fashion quotes edited in various filters, that make even the most generic Instagram users seem like they have a valid and educated opinion about life in the fashion world. Sadly, I’ve already seen tees that exclaim “But first, lemme take a selfie.” That is one quote that you will not see this fashion blogger displaying an any article of clothing any time soon. Like most pieces that hang in my closet, I prefer to keep my sayings classic and timeless.


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