Dreaming of Hawaii


Top: Wildfox Shorts: Vigos Wedges: Alice and Olivia Sunglasses: Prada

Top: Wildfox
Shorts: Vigos
Wedges: Alice and Olivia
Sunglasses: Prada

My boyfriend hates that I get ready for no reason at all. I guess I’m the one of those girls who “get’s all dressed up with nowhere to go.” But as long as I’m healthy that’s a good enough reason for me to get dressed up for the day! Once again, I learned that from my mama. Even on some of her worse days she still found strength to do her hair and makeup and if it’s one lesson I keep with me always it’s to find the strength to play in makeup even though the world might not get to see.

hawaii 2

Hair and makeup are only half the battle though. That’s where I compromise and I “dress down” for a day of lounging around and spending quality time with my hunny. Then I thank the fashion gods for giving us Wildfox. The answer to the girl with nothing to do’s prayers, Wildfox always has cute tee’s and comfy sweaters with fun sayings and pictures of destinations I’d love to adventure off to one day. Today I was clearly dreaming of being in Hawaii. While I love to match things through contrast, today I opted to synchronize my top and bottoms to have them flow effortlessly into one piece. Sadly, this was meant to be a top but being pint size it ended up fitting me more like a dress. However it was far too sheer and a little short in the front, thus I was inspired to go the matching shorts route. Can you tell? Not only is this top the answer to a lazy day’s fashion prayers but it has potential to totally be re-worked as a cover up for my days spent at the beach, which hopefully are only just a few weeks away! Malibu Beach Barbie anyone?

hawaii 3


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