Focused On Fashion With A 50 MM Lens

Top: Helmut Lang Shorts: Planet Funk Hat: Saks

Top: Helmut Lang
Shorts: Planet Funk
Hat: Saks

helmut lang 2

Every time I wear this shirt I’m always going to be reminded of the time my boss spilled a plate of nachos on me. First time wearing it too! And for the record, nacho cheese sauce does come out of silk!

So despite popular belief, there is more to fashion blogging than having a fabulous wardrobe. Ugh, I really wish that were all there was too it. Glorified and perfected selfies on a camera phone don’t cut it either. If you want to be taken seriously in the blogging world, an investment in a top notch camera is a must. Then begins the mission of perfecting the use of a high tech camera. Which is a lot harder than it looks. I’ve done the Youtube tutorials. I’ve invested in the books. And I’ve blown up the phone of some of my photography savy friends. Thanks Mike! You’re always a life saver!

helmut lang 3

Even though I’ve grown to love a sharp image. I still like having fun with Photoshop. This image was created using Photoshop Elements.

And while I’ve been at this for a little over a year now, I’m just barely starting to get the hang of this thing called photography. Looking back at some of my older posts, I really do cringe. Filters are not always the way to go. Even on an Instagram photo. After finally investing in a 50 mm lens (thanks to my supportive BF) I’ve grown to appreciate a sharp picture. Oh but the mission of photography doesn’t stop there. It took me over a year to get accustomed to the starter lens, and now I start the mission of learning how to work the 50 mm lens. It’s quite simple really with regards to zoom. There is none, and that’s where the only issue exists, especially when you’re at a place like Disneyland and a stranger offers to take pictures of you and your friends. The first thing I have to say is “there is no zoom” and despite this disclaimer everyone still looks for the zoom button.

Contrary to what a veteran photographer told me, this lens really is amazing. A few months back I went and had a chat with a guy who owns a photography shop and he explained that this lens was cheap and not worth the $100 price point. He explained that the purpose of the lens was to pronounce the subject with pristine focus and then blur the background. Something one could argue could be accomplished with even the most basic photoshop tools. However, the focus on this thing does not compare to even the best photoshopping tool. So far I’ve only had a few issues with the lens. First it’s super loud and can sometimes take a while to focus. I highly recommend shooting in manual to achieve the most desired outcome. Another issue I discovered today with this lens  was it’s hard to focus on a tripod when doing a photo shoot solo. I’m sure there’s a technique to mastering this that I just haven’t’ discovered yet. In the meantime I think I might just utilize the age old tradition of trial and error and invest in a marker to mark the focused spot.

helmut lang 4

One of my co-workers introduced me to the term “vegan leather” to what I formerly called “faux leather.” I think we can all agree using “vegan” as opposed to “faux” has a more positive connotation, and even sounds animal friendly.

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