Hippie Chic On A Hot Day

The selling point of this personal closet  favorite was obviously the embellishments.

The selling point of this personal closet favorite was obviously the embellishments.

Happy Daylight Savings Day! While I hate the fact that we lost an hour of sleep today (thank you Jesus for allowing me to have the day off!) I LOVE that we are just that much closer to Spring and Summer! So much to look forward to these coming months and the best part? Sun dresses, swimsuits and sunnies! Ok that last one I’ll admit I wear all year long but at least now it’ll be justified! (Yes, I’m that girl that wears sunglasses even on a cloudy day.)

And today could not have been more perfect! While I get it’s not officially Spring for at least a few more weeks, Mother Nature is clearly getting a head start. Seriously, 80 degrees while it’s still technically supposed to be Winter? I’ll never leave you So. Cal! Looking at my wardrobe I somehow seem to be lacking in the sundress department. Not quite sure how that happened. But still, this Hautie Hippie dress has always been one of my favorites. Perhaps that is why I don’t have tons of sundress. I have a handful of very detailed, and equally fragile pieces that I wear only on certain occasions. Not too fancy for a wedding per se, but rather for days when I just like celebrating the sunshine. And today was obviously no exception! Happy Sunday ya’all!

hautie hippie 5

Dress: Hautie Hippie Hat: Saks Sandals: Elizabeth and James Belt: Forever 21

hautie hippie 4

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