Outfits That Dreams Are Made Of

Romper: Joie Belt: H&M Shoes: Alice and Olivia

Romper: Joie
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Alice and Olivia

So perhaps the title is far from glam but I truly believe every fashionista goes through this when doing the annual “spring cleaning.” I have always had a problem of holding on to things that hold even the slightest sentimental value. My Grandma used to say I would even hold on to wrapping paper because my best friend from pre-school wrapped up my birthday present in it. Ok, so I’m not that bad any more. But I do have some pieces in my wardrobe that despite what trends are current in season, or even if I haven’t worn it in forever I will never part ways with.

Sunglasses: Miu Miu Earrings: Tarina Tarantino

Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Earrings: Tarina Tarantino

Such pretty pieces of course include my dance dresses. Prom, homecoming, formal, even my 8th grade graduation dance dress. The dress I wore to my mom’s funeral, my cousin’s etc. And then there is this gem. One of the highlights of my life was being selected to intern as a fashion editor for OrangeCounty.com. The moment the editor told me the internship of my dreams was mine, naturally I made it a life mission to have the most fabulous wardrobe, like ever. Hey, if I was writing about fashion I had to at least be fashionable (this still currently rings true.) Some of my fondest memories include walking through the office and thinking to myself “this is how Lauren and Whitney got their start.” And this romper is part of those magical memories. In addition to a few other pieces that I invested in during those 3 amazing months of learning and developing my writing skills in the most fashionable way possible, I will never part with them. They represent a part of my life where I was living my dreams. Not to mention the fact they’re classic Spring/ Summer ensembles, this romper by Joie being a perfect example of a So. Cal spring outfit. And trying to capture the spirit of my favorite holiday ever (simply because everything is pink) I decided to pair it with my favorite pink Alice and Olivia wedges.


One thought on “Outfits That Dreams Are Made Of

  1. yes you did treasure you gift paper – love the lighter sunglasses get to see those beautiful eyes – you make me smile with pride xoxoxoox grandma

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