Some Combinations Are Just Classic Together

Some Combinations Are Just Classic Together

Some things just go naturally together. Peanut butter and jelly. Pink and purple. Macaroni and cheese. And a button up and jeans. I’ve been obsessed with Equipment lately, a brand that specializes in menswear for women, specifically button downs. While initially I did not see a need for more than one in my closet, I’ve become obsessed! And this obsession has only been fueled by recent markdowns at my store recently. A silk button down that originally retails for roughly $200, for $35 (after employee discount of course) how could I resist. So consider this a disclaimer for posts to come, I now am the proud owner of the classic Equipment silk button down in powder blue, baby pink, white, grey, and red. And I need more! Orange, green, purple, navy! You never know when you’re going to come across a pair of shoes that would pair perfect with a button down of a particular color! These are ambitions a pro fashionista needs to foresee and prepare for especially when the price is right!

Love my statement necklaces. This one is from J Crew.

Love my statement necklaces. This one is from J Crew.

While initially I believed button downs to be stuffy and boring, they can actually prove to be quite fun with the right accessories. And I think that’s why I’ve begun this love affair. Not only do they look chic, but to me they’re like a blank canvas ready to be painted with pretty accessories!



2 thoughts on “Some Combinations Are Just Classic Together

  1. You are ever so right! A button down is always classic as you never know what will pair with it, but you do know that you will find it!! Cute, cute, cute!

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