Just Call Me Jessie The Pumpkin Slayer

Top: Wildfox  Shorts: Vegan leather by Planet Funk  Boots: Sam Edelman

Top: Wildfox
Shorts: Vegan leather by Planet Funk
Boots: Sam Edelman

First of all, THANK YOU Wildfox for creating my go to Halloween shirt. Who doesn’t love a smiley face top with fangs? Just call me Jessie the Pumpkin Slayer! Although, if you ask my boyfriend or my Grandma apparently this outfit screams Julia Roberts “Pretty Woman.” Interpret that how you’d like.


After the Pumpkin Patch we ventured over to South Coast where I got compliments everywhere I went on my outfit! Some guy practically chased after me to tell me my outfit rocked. Thanks again kind sir! Finally I had to confess. The reasoning behind the decision to sport these absolutely awesome Sam Edelman boots was for reasons of vanity and concealment more so than anything else. While out getting my Barbie girl on this past weekend I fell and banged my knee up pretty bad. This would mark the second time I’ve skinned that particular knee. Such is the price to pay whilst looking cute wearing wedges. So if you see me covering my knees over the next couple of weeks, it’s due not just to the colder weather but rather a ghastly bloody gooey mess that was simply the result of fashion gone horribly wrong.


Apparently it’s wiser to wait to get your pumpkin the day before Halloween. Mine was only $2!

One thought on “Just Call Me Jessie The Pumpkin Slayer

  1. I would only consider your outfit to be that of Julia Roberts if there is a safety pin holding up the zipper of your boots! LOL Other than that I think you look darling! And the skinned up knees from wearing the wedges, well my dear niece I have to apologize as I believe that you inherited that gene from me! Yes believe it or not I to was a fashionista at your age and younger and had many a bloody knee from the wedges of the 70’s. But Rock on Sister! Rock on you look Marvelous!! 🙂

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