Feeling European On The Season’s First Rainy Day

Feeling European On The Season's First Rainy Day

Hat: Saks Pants: A.P.C Shoes: Gucci Top: Malibu Society

So whilst I scour my brain and try to remember where it was exactly I left my umbrella, the time has arrived where I officially have to dig through the closet for my warmer shirts. And coats! And scarves! And BOOTS! When I was younger I used to hate rainy cold weather. While I still prefer warmer weather, now that I’m older I can appreciate the cold. Before cold days meant ugly jackets and frizzy hair. Now Fall means layers and layers of couture!

Sorry Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, you have been replaced as my new season favorite with accessories. There’s just more to love and less calories. Plus there’s no generic knock off at McDonalds. Eww.

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