Facing the Music, and A Modern Tale of Survival by Nick Carter

Facing the Music, and A Modern Tale of Survival by Nick Carter

Yup, another successful Backstreet Adventure with my Backstreet Bestie in the books. So we are not 12-years old any more. Annnnd your point?

Let’s be honest, I was probably just as excited Friday morning as I would have been had I been 12 and my parents picked me up and said I was going to see my favorite boy bander Nick Carter. I may or may not have fan girl squealed at some point that day, you may never know. In the event you are not a twenty bopper or ever had the pleasure of meeting someone whose image was once plastered on your wall at one point in time, it is basically the equivalent of meeting Santa Claus for the first time and comprehending the awesomeness of that moment. If you have no idea what that moment is like, then I feel sorry for you.

Just like Santa, I thought long and hard about what I was going to ask him. After all, I do run this little thing called a fashion blog and how awesome would it have been to ask him something fashion related? Totally awesome right? But then, the fun suckers over at Barnes and Nobles, well, sucked the fun out of that idea and basically said no pictures, just an autograph and move on with your life.

If I had not already met Nick at least 2 times prior I probably would have been upset. But gazing into his beautiful blue eyes and all worries just seem to disappear. While I missed an opportunity for a fab Instagram photo, and what I could only assume would have been a short and sweet answer of a fashion related question, I opted to utilize my two seconds and ask him how it felt to have a published book. After all, I hope to one day have my own book published and any advise from a published author would be appreciated. Clearly he was in the zone because he looked up at me kind of puzzled and shook his head. You mean I didn’t tell him how much I’ve loved him since I was 11? I have never told him that. Strangely previous encounters involve me asking him how Aaron is doing. I just saw him a few months back though and he looked great so no need waste a question.

“What was the question?” Nick Carter responded. (O-M-G, I have Nick’s attention I thought. Keep calm I tried to Jedi mind trick myself.) I then asked how he felt when the book finally got published. He starting muttering about the process and then I interjected, “accomplished?”

“Yes”, was his response. Panicked because the Barnes and Noble chaperon was clearly getting nervous and made me feel like my 2 seconds expired 5 seconds before I even walked up, I quickly told him I was proud of him. Not that Nick Carter needs my approval for anything, but he smiled a smile that smile I’ve loved since “As Long As You Love Me”, my heart melted and basically me and my BFF drove home on a cloud.

His book, from what I’ve read is amazing. It’s a heartfelt, soul bearing “here I am world despite my flaws” kind of tale and naturally I love it. Granted he could have written the dictionary and I probably would have reported back that it was the best dictionary I’ve ever read cover to cover, but as someone who is not perfect either, I appreciate his honesty and attempt to share his positive outlook on life with the world.

Really and truly Nick, I am proud of you.

He wrote my name. Life. Is. Complete.

He wrote my name. Life. Is. Complete.

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