When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Bad Ass Like Betsey

So naturally you could watch a Betsey Johnson runway show and go all sorts of Joan Rivers. Floral print? How much more cliché can you get for a Spring collection? Body suits, cropped tops (what I learned from that is Betsey is trying to tell me to get my butt in the gym because next season I’m gonna need a crop top.) But if you’re going to sit and watch a Betsey Johnson runway show and critique, you don’t get Betsey Johnson at all.

Betsey doesn’t make pieces to win awards, or going down in history a la’ the same route as McQueen or Dolce and Gabanna. She’s fashion in her own right. Crazy, loud, bold and beautiful. And I LOVE it all! With the exception of the all leopard pieces that remind me too much of Peggy Bundy. While granted Betsey has gone through some, ahem…modifications in her business structure recently she could start from scratch and re-do her formula, but she’s not. Despite it all she’s sticking to what she knows, and that’s staying true to her art form and essentially herself. Her crazy cartwheeling splits performing fabulous self. And the fact that she has her grand daughters joining in on the fun? Betsey Johnson isn’t just a designer, she’s a legend and a hero in my opinion in the fashion world. Not many people can say forget tradition I’m making my own, and do it for as long as she has. Betsey, on behalf of the pink souled sparkle loving girly girls of the world, thank you for always inspiring.

It's simple yet fabulous!

It’s simple yet fabulous!

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