Summer Please Don’t Leave Us

Summer Please Don't Leave Us

Dress by All Saints

So Labor Day has come and gone which means if you’re a traditional fashionista you won’t wear white until the first day of Spring, and our days of summer dresses are numbered. My favorite part of summer is not only longer nights and flowy chiffon dresses, but the summer breeze through a pretty dress. Nothing is more elegant than a piece of fabric flowing in the wind. I don’t care if it’s high end couture or a Forever 21 frock, the result is the same.

And what better way to prepare for Fall then by dusting off some ankle booties! My Sergio Rossi cut out ankle bootie with a stiletto heel are the perfect transition from Summer to Fall. The cut outs are still a reminder that we still have a little bit more warm weather to enjoy before the cold comes and the boots with the fur become a must.

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Ankle booties by Sergio Rossi.

Ankle booties by Sergio Rossi.

One thought on “Summer Please Don’t Leave Us

  1. Such a cute outfit!! Love the shoes they are so cute with that darling dress! You rock dear niece!! Enjoy the warm weather before it gets to chilly!!! ❤

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