Animal Friendly Fashion Choices

Animal Friendly Fashion Choices

I have proudly always been against the use of any kind of animal for fur products. Even if this meant refusing a beautiful rabbit fur coat my grandma once wanted to bestow upon me. At the time I had a pet rabbit named Foofers, and I just didn’t think I could explain that to her.

So after stumbling upon a PETA video, that depicted the cruel and inhumane killing of fluffy little puppies (it was horrific, and I still have nightmares), I have since been on a mission to only purchase products in which no animals would have to suffer.

Some may think I’m a hypocrite. I love my leather bags but it took me a loooonng time to finally come to the conclusion that this was an environmentally ethical decision. I suppose my decision followed the logic that I am by no means a vegetarian, and if I could justify a bbq with steak a quilted leather Stan Bag could be equally justified. I would like to think the cow that was sacrificed in the name of fashion was very old, and very ill and the decision was one that only had the best of interest in mind for the animal.

I know, I know this is probably not true, but it helps me sleep better at night.

Since becoming more aware of other countries manufacturing ethics, or lack thereof I have since come to the conclusion that I don’t buy products made from China any longer, at least leather products. If I am faced with a decision that involves me choosing between a cotton piece made in India vs. China, or whatever the case may be I choose the other country. Something made entirely in the USA is ideal. Which surprisingly includes some of my favorite labels. J Brand and Wildfox to name a few!

In the case of leather, I’ve gladly discovered vegan leather. Even if it’s faux I don’t care. I’ve also discovered some designers make a concertive effort to produce animal friendly bags, Stella Mcartney being one of them. Which could explain why since discovering this tidbit of information I have been dying for one.

Celebs rock their animal friendly Stella bags.

Celebs rock their animal friendly Stella bags.


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