Trend Alert: Designer Graphic Tees

Trend Alert: Designer Graphic Tees

So it’s no secret I’m obsessed with trends. I’m a self diagnosed “shopaholic” but is there such a thing as being a fashion-a-holic? I should look look in to this.

One of the greatest things I stumbled upon today was this picture of Ashley Tisdale wearing this “Celfie” tee. Obviously a play on Celine. One of the biggest trends I’ve noticed lately is plaster a fashion house typically affiliated with top quality material on basic tees, tanks and yes even canvas! Considering Chanel made a name for herself by being one of the first to master the use of jersey, I really don’t think she minds. Karl Langerfield on the other hand, his eyes are probably rolling behind his dark shades.

Naturally I immediately immersed myself in to an intense google search only to be led to another blogger/ designer, Sincerely Jules. And with my luck this ridiculously cute tee that is only $35 aka practically free, is sold out. Ugh. I guess I’ll just have to wait till the stock is replenished.

This “Celfie” tee is not the first nor the last graphic tee we’ve seen recently. Interpretations of the double C logo have been gracing tanks and tees in small boutiques for some time now. And who can forget the “Ain’t Laurent without the Yves” shirt.

Believe it or not this shirt is only $10 on ebay. I have my reservations about $10 shirts cotton, yikes!

Believe it or not this shirt is only $10 on ebay. I have my reservations about $10 shirts though…cheap cotton, yikes!

Ugh, I guess if I can’t have this one I’ll settle for the Dimepiece “Too Cool Shirt.” Why settle for one designer when you can have them all?


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