Sephora Releases a Collection I’ve Been Waiting For Since I Was 4-Years Old

Sephora Releases a Collection I've Been Waiting For Since I Was 4-Years Old

Today I ventured to Sephora to replenish my foundation stock, when imagine to my surprise I noticed a familiar silhouette on top of an empty fixture.

I’ve known that silhouette since I was 4. The silhouette of the Little Mermaid, aka Princess Ariel. I was a little disappointed to learn I stumbled upon this collection a day too soon. At least at my local Sephora. Naturally, I immediately took to some social media sites to see what people were talking about. Rumor has it the mirror is a hot commodity. I want the perfume and I don’t even care how it smells.

It looks as though this collection has already debuted in some stores during some sort of private preview event. The rep I spoke to today explained she expected a mob tomorrow. I immediately flash backed to the hello kitty craziness! I had the pleasure of attending one of those private preview events complete with a muscular black hello kitty head walking around. For some strange reason, it did add a sense of excitement to the event. Kudos to the person that chose on that added element!

Either way, me and my BFF also an avid Little Mermaid fan (perhaps even more then myself, love her) have vowed my next day off we are venturing together to see what thing a mabobs we can add to our make up collection. Even though we got plenty, we want more.

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