My Gleeful La Adventure


So yesterday I took a mecca of a journey out to the homeland for a little Glee adventure. I had gotten the news that Chord Overstreet aka Sam, aka Trouty Mouth was playing at the Roxy prior to the passing of Cory Monteath, and after the tragic news decided to seise the moment! Not another opportunity to be in a room full of my fellow gleeks would pass without me. Still can’t believe I missed Darren Criss’ performance…anyways.

Naturally I was fashionably late to the show. After the Aaron Carter disaster of a show where the main performer didn’t go on till 4 and a half hours later I was not incredibly motivated to get there early. Plus, I’ve been to many a show at the Roxy and it’s a small enough venue that regardless of where you position yourself you have a good seat.

Needless to say it was was an emotional show. You could just feel the energy the second you walked in to the room. I genuinely appreciated Chord’s presence as a performer as he just seemed to go with the flow of his crowd. He dedicated the show and a few specific songs to Cory. I’m not quite sure the name of one of the songs, but the lyrics describe having a hard time sleeping and hoping to wake up to a lie.

Such a perfect and fitting song for the week us gleeks have had. Like losing someone close to me before, the first couple days of hearing the news I woke up hoping someone would tell me it was a big prank. But that news flash never appeared and it never will.

Diana Agron, Kevin Mchale and Jenna Ushkowitz were all there to lend some support to their fellow cast mate and in pictures that would flood instagram shortly after the show, they look exhausted. TMZ tried to get a word from Diana and she just left without saying anything. There are still no words that have been spoken that are making this any easier on any of us.

After singing along to some top 40 favorites with one of the Glee kids, I stopped by the Paramount Studios to pay my respect to someone I’ll truly and dearly miss when Thursday nights roll around in September.


The candles were no longer lit, and the flowers were dying, but the pictures of our beloved Gleek were still there with a smile that won our hearts years ago smiling back at me. And that is exactly how I hope to remember him, not how he died and these few weeks, but rather the good memories and that smile that will always be Finn Hudson, aka Cory Monteath.

Thank you indeed

Thank you indeed


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