Don’t Stop Believing. Don’t Stop Living Like Today Could Be Your Last.

I guess my day was spent similar to Cory Monteith’s “Glee” co-star Mark Salling, “going through a million memories and emotions today. ill love you always Brother Cory.” Granted I didn’t know him on a personal level, but how amazing that gleeks around the world really are uniting and expressing sorrow, unity and encouraging words for Lea.

My friends and especially my boyfriend think I’m crazy. And who knows maybe I am. But this is sad. We don’t know all the details, the word on the streets is that it was drug related. One of my friends text me and said that it’s been a big thing on set for years he showed up to work high all the time. I don’t know about all that. But what I do know is that since season 1, I love spending my Thursday nights with the Glee kids. For 1 hour a week, a few months out of the year I get transported to a world where there is no problem big or small that can’t be resolved by singing a song.

Apparently some people have problems with this. One of my best friends, posted a comment essentially mocking the public outcry Glee fans have been expressing, myself included by responding “boo hoo another celebrity gone because of drugs.” My response? Just because drugs may have been involved, we shouldn’t be sad? I get there are more political issues going on, but if you lost someone close to you, which believe me I’ve lost my fair share of loved ones, mom and cousin included, both in a similar fashion (tragically and suddenly with no warning) mourning does not get put on hold because of political issues. Which are terrible also, don’t get me wrong. And kind of ironic don’t you think that someone who was involved with something so positive, and joyful in a fictional world passed on a day when we are reminded that sometimes the real world is just cruel.

Cory left us too soon. Bottom line. But he will always be remembered by me, and fans around the globe as Finn. The humble and loveable high school football star turned gleek, who always seemed to be the voice of reason even when it seemed he had lost his way. I will always adore him for the tender way he loved Rachel, on the show and in real life. And yes I cried whenever their relationship took a turn for the worse or for the better. Last night I cried to my boyfriend because I’ve always considered him my Finn. I’ve told him that countless times as we have sat and watched Glee together. It’s part of our routine. I’ve already lost 2 other loved ones suddenly, and I just absolutely feel horrible for Lea Michele because I know I would fall apart if I lost Chris in that way.

One of my favorite memories will always be that first performance of “Don’t Stop Believing.” I had never really paid attention to the song before, but because of the Glee kids I know all the words and proudly sing along whenever and wherever it comes on. I know the social media sites have had their fair share of fans and friends of the fallen star expressing their grief, but by far my favorite is a picture floating around on Instagram that has his picture, and the words “he didn’t die, he took a midnight train going anywhere.”

Thank you for bringing to life a character that is rare in prime time television these days. Someone who was well respected and stood for morals, true love, and the belief that sometimes even when it is not the most popular idea at the time, what’s right is right and it’s worth fighting for. Being a Gleek is more then being obsessed with top 40 songs, and actors who may or may not be dream boats. It’s about being involved in social movements, and choosing to be happy and gleeful I guess because at the end of the day, life goes on. Being a gleek is always being reminded that even when life gets rough, not to stop believing because tomorrow the sun will shine and it will be a better day.

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