Dear Grandma, thank you for my 4 ft tall jewelry box

Dear Grandma, thank you for my 4 ft tall jewelry box

Kenneth Jay Lane cross necklace

Many many years ago for Christmas my grandma got me and my sisters each a 4 ft tall jewelry box. At the time I only had Libby Lu jewelry pieces. She had also gotten us some really fine gold and silver pieces, but I’ve always been more into costume and statement pieces so regrettably those have never made it past the bottom drawer. Maybe one day I’ll develop a taste for the finer pieces the jewelry world has to offer, and God help my bank account when that day comes. Either way, I’m beyond grateful my Grandma thought ahead to this time in my life when I am now OBSESSED with jewelry!

Needless to say I have always been a costume jewelry junky. I was talking to one of my friends yesterday who reminded me how excited I was the day I came home with my first large pave crystal encrusted Tarina Tarantino necklace. “God that thing was ugly” he exclaimed, but I till this day loved that piece and all my statement pieces!

These past few weeks I have become hopelessly devoted to gold pieces. It all started with me realizing my jewelry collection lacked this color scheme, so I started with some gold bangles, then a simple gold ring then some necklaces and now I feel as though I can officially devote a whole drawer of my jewelry box to the color! And have sub categories too! Too any of my fellow OCD fashionistas you completely who completely understand this concept, I appreciate you’re passion for keeping the closet organized and I applaud you.

Cheetah ring $8 from Charming Charley

Cheetah ring $8 from Charming Charlie

Now, I can’t help but continue to add to my collection. Recently I’ve added this black enamel and more then likely rhodium plated Kenneth Jay Lane cross. And to add more funk and spirit to any outfit I could not pass up on this amazing cheetah ring only $8 from one of my new favorite jewelry stops Charming Charlie. And of course, I have officially become that girl who wants to sing from the high heavens with Julie Andrews my love for my boyfriend. And since I am no where near the Swiss Alps, a gold initial necklace featuring my Boo’s initials will suffice. I figure this is a nice alternative to the infamous “I love my boyfriend” shirt.

Urban Outfitters "C" necklace ($16) for my beloved Christopher <3

Urban Outfitters “C” necklace ($16) for my beloved Christopher ❤

Perhaps it’s time I move on to silver. After all I just got a silver ring and some matching earrings, but no necklace to go with. Looks like this girl has to go on another shopping adventure!

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