Taylor Swift Talks Fashion and Her Keds Collection

Still not quite sure how I feel about this collaboration, but I’m not going to lie, I loved her adventure in affordable junior ready to wear with Wal Mart a few years back. Despite what a high schooler in Beverly Hills might tell you, it is not necessary to be walking around in Helmut Lang, James Pearse or Marc Jacobs. Maybe a bag. Maybe.

Regardless, this venture seems to be a very Taylor, and I do love the prints. Paired with some cute high waisted denim shorts and a bright top, you too can look like an “easter egg” just like Taylor.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Talks Fashion and Her Keds Collection

  1. I love Taylor Swift and what a good role model to emulate. Her fashion design is impeccable, young and cute. Although her legs are probably twice as long as yours, I believe that your style sense can match hers any day of the week!! You may even be able to teach her a thing or two! 😉

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