My New Favorite Foundation…Forever Your Girl

My New Favorite Foundation...Forever Your Girl

Dear Mac, I’m so very sorry but I have to leave you. I would love to say it’s not you it’s me, but it really is you. You have always been my go to place when it comes to lipgloss, and probably always will. But alas, when it comes to foundation, it’s time to move on to the next chapter in my life.

On a mission to find a new foundation I started my online research. It’s good to read what fellow consumers have to say, but at the end of the day everyones skin is different. So I ventured out to my local Sephora where I discovered my new favorite item in my makeup bag.

Ironically when I was browsing through various vendors, there were several other shoppers expressing to the sales associates they too were cutting ties with MAC. I overheard one makeup expert saying “that stuff is absolutely horrible for your skin.”

Like I said, everyone is different. And MAC is known for very dramatic looks. But after several years, my face is no longer accepting dramatic and was crying out for more natural. Alas, after browsing and trying on various colors and brands, I finally stumbled upon Makeup For Ever, mat velvet foundation.

Before I screamed to the high heavens the praise for this foundation seemingly sent from the makeup gods, I wanted to test it out this week. And so far it has passed every test! It has not only evened out my complexion, hidden any gastly blemishes. Not only did it survive my grueling 9 hour shifts, the stress of retail, the gym and the sauna but it never dried my skin out, never left me oily and I feel as though my face has finally started clearing up! A makeup that looks good, (seriously the mat velvet finish is making me second guess my use of powder as well) and might actually be helping my skin? Thank you makeup gods, thank you!

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