Trend Alert Spotted at Fred Segal!

Trend Alert Spotted at Fred Segal!

I don’t care what anyone says, there is something magical about Melrose. Once you get past the graffiti and the grunge there are some pretty awesome places to check out. Since I went right before Coachella, of course there were some pretty awesome pop up vintage shops that boasted some fabulous vintage designer pieces exclusively made for stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks. Eventually I made it past the vintage and into a fabulous little place called Fred Segal.

While at first it reminded me of Kitson, the cute little boutique that in my opinion reminds me of a high end graphic tee boutique, amongst other every day necessities, Fred Segal has this amazing mini shoe department called “Happy Feet.” And to be quite honest my feet have not been that happy to try on a pair of shoes since the last time I bought a pair of Christian Louboutins!

At first glance it seems as though their primary vendor is Prada. However, one of the uber friendly sales associates made it a point to direct me to a new label that I was not familiar with called Corte A.S. 98. And what she showed me were a pair of versatile ankle booties/sneakers, that had both a chic and urban appeal. I was told celebrity fans of the collection include Britney Spears, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston, just to name a few. I exclaimed to the sales associate that she had me sold at Britney Spears has some!

The manager also came over to introduce herself to explain she wore the same shoes I was trying on to Paris Fashion Week! Britney and Paris Fashion Week? Needless to say the shoes were on my feet in a matter of minutes! And surprisingly looked really cute despite the fact that I was wearing white lace shorts, and a white silk tank top. Who would have though that an outfit so feminine could look so good with leather ankle booties. Granted by itself, would have looked rather funky, but as my friend pointed out, with a black leather jacket would be complete.

While I typically do not think of leather ankle booties as a summer staple, apparently other designers do. Shortly after my stop at Fred Segal, I also stopped in to check out the shoe collections at Barney’s and Saks in Beverly Hills where on the shelves Chloe and Giuseppe Zanotti also had a sneaker ankle bootie as part of their current collection.

Whether with shorts during the summer and early part of Fall, or with leggings and a boyfriend sweater during a California winter, I’d say it’s time to introduce one of these fabulous pairs of shoes to my own shoe collection.

Jennifer Aniston wearing her Corte A.S. 98 Wedge Sneakers.

Jennifer Aniston wearing her Corte A.S. 98 Wedge Sneakers.

5 thoughts on “Trend Alert Spotted at Fred Segal!

  1. They had an entire segment on the fashion police on the ankle wedge bootie a few weeks ago. It was gotta have it or make it stop and there was an overwhelming YES to gotta have it. Of course I am going to leave that to my fashion forward niece but rock those shoes girlfriend!!! On you everything looks good!! ❤

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