“You Can Go Naked, But With The Right Shoes.”

Since I ventured out on this exciting path of being a fashion blogger, I have essentially started taking mental notes of interesting fashion ambassadors if you will. And this woman is no exception.

Labeled the “Lady Gaga of Fashion Week” and more importantly Editor for Vogue, Japan, Anna Dello Russo is the epitome of a fashionista and deserves a shout out. Girl! I like your style. Not only does she own a closet full of haute couture that even Carrie Bradshaw would drool over, she possess a sincere passion and love for every piece she owns. This woman knows her personal style and owns it! And that my friends is what loving fashion is all about. I simply adore her! Not only does she inspire me to save up for the next Paris Fashion Week, but she inspires me to continue investing into this lifestyle of being a fashionista. “Fashion for me is a communication of my soul.” Amen to that!

My favorite part of this interview, the end when she is asked if there was a fire in her building which piece of clothing she would try and rescue. Dello Russo’s response, “I would get the shoes, gold shoes. I tell you dress, I can be naked but with the right shoes.” Classic, answer for a classy gal.

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