William Rast to be William No More

William Rast to be William No More

So after a few months of speculating (on a personal level) the word regarding the fate of JT’s famous denim line is that the collection will be no more. At least that is how I’m interpreting the typed words on the blogosphere. I read on Perez Hilton today that Justin Timberlake plans on officially leaving the brand at the end of this year. Because of this, buyers feel as though there will be no interest from consumers to purchase his jeans.

I have mixed feelings about this. I never personally committed to a pair of William Rast jeans, even when the William Rast outlet at the mall I work at was going out of business still could not commit to a pair for $30. In their defense most of it was flared and who really wears flaired jeans anymore? Regardless, I know of a lot of people who liked the fit of the jeans. Definitely for a girl with curves.

Quite literally I get asked at my store on a daily basis where fans of the line can find William Rast jeans, and this is what we have suspected for quite some time, that the line was no more.

Dear celebrities thinking about launching collections, please don’t get us addicted to something only to leave us hanging. I’m looking at you too Gwen Stefani, whose lack of involvement in her famous L.A.M.B line has left consumers wondering what the heck is going on. The rumor in the retail industry for a long time has been that she lost her license to her handbag line and that is why you no longer see it in your favorite department stores. But one of my friends who was at Magic a few weeks ago said her bags were featured at a booth there so who knows.

Regardless, this is still disappointing news for fans of the denim collection and further proof that Justin Timberlake can only focus on one project at a time.

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