So after watching New York, London and Paris fashionistas do their thang at their respective fashion weeks, finally fellow Los Angeles fashion lovers our time is almost here! So, ok we are not going to have Chanel, Burberry or even Marc Jacobs participate but in the spirit of LA fashion, that is just fine.

LA Fashion Week is more about celebrating the styles that  make LA Fashion whimsical, sassy, genuine and unique. Don’t get me wrong, in LA we love our labels but we also love using fashion as means of expressing ourselves and our individual spirit as well.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to actually get to enjoy a show this year! (In past years I’ve volunteered behind the scenes at the Vibiana.) This year I’ll be attending the Project Ethos event, which is a runway, art exhibit and runway all in one.

Picture 7

So naturally I’m doing my research and seeing who is all participating. In doing research I’ve stumbled upon an AMAZING shoe collection that reminds me of an eco friendly version of Jeffrey Campbell. The collection is by an up and coming 22 year-old, Los Angeles based designer Deandri. The label, which includes clothing, shoes and jewelry takes classic fashion favorites and has added a unique twist to it. Case in point, check out their clear oxford. OMG! Can I get 3?! This label definitely captures the spirit of Angeleno’s tendancies to embrace classics and re-imagine them with spirit.

Picture 20


Picture 21

Is it Tuesday yet?

2 thoughts on “LA Fashion Week IS ALMOST HERE!

  1. Love your article about the up and coming LA Fashion week!!! And I love the clear oxfords!! Looking forward to hearing more about this, when it is happening and who will be there. Lots of news to come!

    • Can’t wait for the events, can’t wait to shop for an outfit and can’t wait to share all the fashion!

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