In the spirit of award season and updo mania…one of my favorites!

So while I am extremely opposed to placing a sock in my hair, this is actually a really cute idea. During the summer I saw a few celebrities rocking a fun twist to a classic princess ballerina bun. I tried this once before but apparently the key to the success in this bun is using lots of braids. I only braided about 4 pieces and only two showed up. Also, again while I’m not a fan of placing something ordinarily meant for feet in my gorgeous locks, I do like how the model utilizes this to get extra hair (perfect for gals with long hair), and wrap it around the bun for a more finished look.

Friendly tip: As a former employee of Club Libby Lu (Donwtown Disney representing!) where the “Princess Du” was as daily a work routine as using a stapler in an office, it is embedded in my brain that the only and proper way to do a bun is first place hair in a high pony tail. Separate hair into about five pieces (think of this like a flower.) Take each section and roll under pinning on the sides. Do this with each section, and bibbidy boppedy boo you’ve got a princess do! After about 4 years of doing this I’ve discovered this technique only works on people with a sufficient amount of hair.

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