In case you needed a reminder of all the MUST HAVE TRENDS for spring 2013…Top Shop’s got you covered

While I have yet to venture out to a Top Shop, (still can’t believe I’m only an hour away from the closest one eek!) I know I’m sold on the goods they have to offer before I even step through the door.

And this video is just a reminder as to why I love their concept. It’s rumored that their concept to production to delivery to the fashionistas around the globe’s closet is impeccable. Umm did we not just see these looks on the runway? Bold prints, bright colors, vintage looking lace pieces. The graffiti print leather jacket with the studs…AMAZING! Does this piece remind anyone else of the paint splattered clutch featured in the Carrie Diaries? No? Just me? I can deal with that.

Top Shop? More like one stop shop!

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