I Wanna Be A Loser Just Like Rachel Berry

rachel berry fashion

I am many things, girly, bubbly, and a proud gleek. Say what you will but in my opinion Rachel Berry is the underestimated fashion icon. Yes, Lea Michelle’s TV alter ego, the unicorn sweater wearing, knee high loving high school student has it all in my opinion. Now before you lose all respect for my fashion tastes, hear my out.

Rachel Berry exudes confidence. Just like many fashion icons before her who made a name for themselves taking chances, nobody has taken more chances with ready to wear items more so then Ms. Berry. (P.S. has anyone else seen a growing trend of more girls embracing knee highs? Thank you Rachel!)

Take this video for example. 

Perhaps because I took one too many media analyst courses I’m over analyzing this but as you watch it, do you notice how Rachel’s wardrobe choices make her stand out? In the freeze frame for the scene she stands out in a bright red over coat. Even as she is walking through New York, while the rest of the city is walking around in dark, very neutral colors, Rachel still stands apart from them in her bright red coat. Call me crazy but that sounds like an easy enough way to tell the rest of the world you shine a little bit brighter, and are worthy of your own star. (Cheesy I know, but I warned you I’m a gleek. Cheesy is what we do best.)

rachel berry_roots

Rachel doing her best interpretation of Jackie O

Also, notice how she has a pink travel bag. Were you aware that traditionally pink was viewed as being the weakest color in the color wheel? If you follow the series you know that Rachel, while she’s a human character and has her moments of weakness, is actually one of the strongest characters in the series. I for one am thoroughly enjoying watching her take on a fierce Kate Hudson in the form of dance offs!

How incredibly ironic that one’s daring wardrobe choices that her fellow classmates interpret as being something to single her out as a loser, actually helped develop her into a person who has learned to apply those same chances to her life. Sign me up to be a loser like her!










Despite what you may think, it takes a fierce and confident person to rock a unicorn on a sweater.

Despite what you may think, it takes a fierce and confident person to rock a unicorn on a sweater.

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