Fall Flower Power

Fall Flower Power

For some strange reason, I have recently become obsessed with chunky, sparkly, vintage looking floral jewelry pieces. Ok, now when I stop and think about it, perhaps it’s not so strange at all. After all, I am a self proclaimed girly girl, and I think that it is my own way of rebelling against fall a season traditionally associated with leaves falling and most of mother nature decaying and ready to brace itself for the cold, and dreary winter season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fall just as much as the next pumpkin spice/ peppermint mocha/ scarf wearing/ boot obsessed individual, but I am now starting to embrace fall with a new attitude, no thanks to my floral obsession.

While perhaps pastels are more suitable for spring according to fashion laws, laws are sometimes meant to be broken. Yes, I am a fan of winter white, and I don’t care what anybody else says about the belief that it should not be worn after Labor Day. Think about it, how lovely it is it to see soft shades of rose and gold amongst sepia tones?

And the best thing about floral jewelry in the fall, is that it’s usually on clearance because it’s considered “out of season.” My obsession has been satisfied recently browsing through the Forever 21 jewelry collection, which doesn’t go on clearance because it’s so cheap to begin with. But I’ve started pairing pieces with some statement jewelry pieces that have been a member of my jewelry collection for years, such as this gorgeous Betsey Johnson gem I got for myself as a Christmas gift years ago. I guess you could say it’s vintage.

Girly-ness knows know season, just how to be fabulous.


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