Love Lauren’s tutorials…this one is fishtail braid edition

When I was younger, all my friends would come to school with their hair in french braids. So one day I asked my mom if she could french braid my hair and she said she didn’t know how but she knew how to fish tail. Naturally, I wanted to learn how to do this magic braid, so I practiced on my Barbie’s head until I perfected this braid.

But alas, nobody else in 4th grade cared about the fish tail braid. The french braid still ruled the class room. Then, the scenario came and replayed itself out during my Club Libby Lu years when a hair style called for a french braid. WHY DID NOBODY APPRECIATE THE FISHTAIL!

Well alas, the tables have turned and the fish tail could not be a hotter commodity! Take that you stinky french braid! Lauren Conrad goes over in this very cute, trendy and uber easy to do hair style in just a few simple steps. I personally love choosing this simple “do” when I don’t feel like getting up 20 minutes earlier just to straighten my hair.

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