Confessions of a retail warrior


Ok, so a warrior might be a tad dramatic. But if you have ever worked in a customer service oriented environment, then you know and understand that maybe that title is not dramatic enough. Anyways, this confession is more of a plea to my friends and fellow consumers. Please for the love of baby Jesus, do not wear clothes, and then return them! This is wrong on so many levels, and it baffles me why people don’t understand how incredibly horrible this is.

Yes, I’ve seen people that I know and love go on Facebook, yelp, 4 square etc., and rant about how horrible a manager was for not returning an item they simply changed their mind about. As one friend put it, “yes, I wore it you ignorant woman, I changed my mind!” Love that particular individual to death, but on a daily basis I encounter that same particular argument with somebody else’s bestie.

As a girl who fully believes in everybody’s perogative¬†to be able to change their mind, I get that. But folks, other people should not have to suffer because you can never make up your mind. And the “well Nordstroms lets me return everything” excuse is just getting old.

How are other people suffering you might ask? Have you ever gone into a store and thought to yourself wow, there is nobody here? Have you ever noticed this especially happens in January? Think about it! After Christmas, what does everyone do? They return! Despite what you may think, even huge companies have budgets! I know, shocked me when I found out about that too. But if too many people return, and worst return merchandise that cannot be sold again simply for the integrity and possibility of violating some health code, then believe it or not even big companies cannot afford to have associates on the sales floor. And thus begins a vicious cycle.

Too many returns because everyone believes they should be the exception to the rule, means not enough people on the sales floor. Without people to help on the sales floor, less merchandise gets sold. When less merchandise gets sold, associates get even less hours and smaller pay checks and thus less money is getting invested back into the economy.

So next time you think that ignorant manager behind the counter is simply exercising her right to say no simply to ruin your day, don’t take it so personally.

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