My WILD obsession…

Ashley Tisdale clearly one of Wildfox’s biggest fans

Perhaps you’ve noticed your favorite trend setters sporting some pretty sassy graphic tee’s this past year. Hearts, stars, fun sayings splashed across a tank or cozy sweater. And whom exactly are Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and various others turning to for their fashionable digs? Ummm Wildfox, duh!

In case you have been living under a very dull and boring, black and white rock the past year you have completely missed this trend!  I’ll have to admit I was a little skeptical when I first encountered these tee’s/ sweaters. Really $80 for a t-shirt? You can go to any Forever 21 or H&M and get an equally cute graphic tee for probably no more than $5 or $10. Looking back I can’t believe how incredibly naive I was!

Putting a Wildfox top on is like putting on a cloud, that’s been sprinkled with sugar plumb fairy magic. Yes. It is really that freaking awesome! They are the coziest, cutest top you will ever introduce to your closet. Perhaps one of the most magical things about these must have wardrobe staples is how incredibly flattering they are…on EVERYONE! When I think of sweatshirts I think of work out attire (which can also be cute. Rule number one oh fabulous ones, just because you’re getting grosse does not mean you can’t look cute.) Let’s face it, typically sweatshirts are associated with frumpiness,which these tops are anything but.

Taylor Swift looking uber cute in a large heart sweater by Wildfox

Even if paired with a basic pair of denim jeans, I feel as though the quirky edge that is captured in each graphic print plastered across the front of each ensemble is the perfect element to add to one of the most basic articles of clothing. One of my favorite fashionistas who seems to be unofficial representation for the label always seems to pair these super cute blouses with the perfect accessories. Whether it’s a classic Chanel bag, fringed boots, or funky print shorts, she always seems to find the perfect match to complete the outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens sporting a Wildfox sweater

Oh and FYI, the label also extends beyond graphic tee’s to equally AMAZING dresses, bottoms, jewelry and even sunglasses.

One of the things I love most about these collections is that they encourage the wearer to live up to the label- and that’s to have fun and be wild with fashion.

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