We’re not in the OC anymore Toto

the modern fashionistas ode to Dorothy

Since the Santa Ana winds are here in full force, seriously we’re talking at least 80 MPH outside my house, my choice in shoes this morning was inspired by none other than dear Dorothy from Kansas. Although, while I would ordinarily love to rock anything that sparkles (with the exception of a grill), today is simply not a day for heels.

Thus I must say a prayer to the shoe god for creating these beautiful, bedazzled ruby red loafers, perfect for the girl on the go. While I almost opted for the less colorful Steve Madden version, I got suckered into a Bakers sale. Which after going through countless Madden shoes, I must say I’ve been quite satisfied with my decision. After a few months of being my go to shoe, when I want to add a little spice to my outfit without sacrificing comfort, this shoe has shown no sign of wear and tear. Which sadly is not something I could say about any Steve Madden shoe I have ever invested in. Seriously, why do those shoes never last more than a few months?!

In any event, I’ll enjoy the rest of the day in my comfy ruby red loafers while perhaps sipping on a pumpkin spice late while I enjoy this perfect beautiful fall day.

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