Jessica Biel Marries the King of Pop in Pink

Jessica’s pink princess ball gown

I suppose it comes with the territory, haters are going to line up to hate when you marry the reigning Prince of Pop, and former teen heart throb Justin Timberlake. Personally the only problem I saw with this wedding was that it was not to Britney Spears, although I always knew Jessica Timberlake had a nice ring to it. But the blogs and social media sites are a buzz with disdain for Jess’ choice of color for her dress.

Although, as mentioned before I AM AND WILL FOREVER BE TEAM BRITNEY, I support Jessica’s choice. First of all, when it is your wedding it is your choice. Haters, listen up… It’s not your wedding album to look back on, so what is it to you? Second of all, after spending a few months of my life working in bridal I realized that hardly anybody these days gets a traditional, starch white dress. And third, can you really blame a girl for wanting to look like an absolute princess when marrying a prince? From what I hear, the two got married in a castle! So it makes perfect sense she had a princess ball gown to go with the theme!

If you know me, and you don’t have to know me too well to know why I would support the concept of a pink dress. I’ve been a pink girl since the day I was born. The only time that changed I was in 7th grade and I went through a phase of saying my favorite color was lime green because that was Nick Carter’s favorite color. Needless to say, I’ve been fond of having a dress infused with pink hues ever since I saw pictures of Gwen Stefani’s gorgeous and perfect wedding dress.

Gwen rocked her pink gown like a rock star

Needless to say I’m uber happy that one of my fav singers found 7th Heaven and someone he wants to spend eternity with, again even if it’s not my beloved Brit (which brings me to my only frustration with the media coverage of this event. Dear People, was it really necessary to put Britney’s picture on the cover too?) So while countless haters will continue to blast their disdain for the dress as a cover up for their secretly broken heart over Justin Timberlake not having married them, I will count down the days till I get to marry my own prince charming wearing a pink dress.

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