Barney’s + Disney= Controversy?

Luxury retailer Barney’s has enlisted the help of some of Disney’s most beloved characters, Minnie, Daisy and Goofy to name a few to help with their 2012 Electric Holiday campaign.

I just found out about this today and though their new video teaser, was uber cute. But alas after researching the concept I’ve come to find out Disney loving fashionistas are not as enthused as I am! Yes, I can see that the cartoons have been revamped to look as though they hang with the Ana Wintour Rachel Zoe crowd, but so what. It’s fashion and it’s Disney!

People, this idea was done in the name of fun and is only going to last through the holidays. If this is how Minnie enjoys her vacation to Paris, so be it. If Goofy decided to lose a little weight so as to impress his friends on the runway, kudos to him if it makes him happy. At the end of the day, a controversy over cartoons is pardon the cliche, but it’s a little goofy.

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