Neiman Marcus and Target: Disaster or Must Have?

Image‘Ok, I’m not going to lie, i do have a closet that contains some of Target’s previous designer collaborations. The Zac Posen collection was my first adventure with mass made designer wear, and till this day those are still some of my favorite fall pieces! Plus, the look on people’s faces when I tell them I got a stunning red ruffle dress, or an equally fabulous red leather jacket at Target is priceless!

Here are my thoughts on designer collaborations though. On the one side I think it’s great marketing for the labels that decide to put their name on a mass made, cheaper quality product (Missoni collaboration anyone?) It introduces the label to newer consumers, and spreads awareness of the brand. But, the cheap price comes at a cost. Literally these designer collaborations come with the sacrifice of the quality, and uniqueness that you pay when you make that decision to pay $100 for a top.

Working at an outlet, where on occasion I’ve gotten lucky enough to only pay $9.97 for a pair of $200 J Brand jeans, I find it very hard to pay $100 for a label when I’m not getting the same quality. I remember standing in a line of hundreds of people that was already wrapped around South Coast Plaza, when H&M did their collaboration with Jimmy Choo. I didn’t even make it inside the mall before I realized, what the heck am I waiting for? I can get the same thing, if not better, that I won’t have to worry about every other fashionista having for literally the same exact price. Sure enough, Christmas Eve that year I bought myself my first pair of Jimmy Choo heels, complete with a lucite crystal heel, for only $250. Not much more than H&M was charging for their lesser quality, but still beautiful shoes.

Alas, when I heard about the collaboration with Neimans and Target, I immediately came to the conclusion that this was a horrible idea. Why would Neiman’s belittle themselves like that? At least that was my perception of the concept until today when Alice and Olivia announced that they too were going to be a part of the collaboration. They posted a video of all the various designers in on the collaboration and my head nearly exploded! Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, ALICE AND OLIVIA! DVF! Gahh! So many designers, with fun gift ideas for the holidays. Surprisingly, the items are pretty cute too. A DVF yoga mat?! Dear, Santa, let me emphasize to you how good of a girl I’ve been this year. I think its actually quite fab that designers are investing into holiday gift ideas this time around. It’s only a matter of time anyways before designers branch out into table wear, at least this way it will be at a justified price point (rather contradictory to everything I just said, but lets face it, there is a difference between beautiful shoes and things you eat off of, and if I had to choose sacrificing uniqueness in one, I’d choose the latter.)

The rest of the collection will be revealed later this evening. I personally can not wait to see what Alice and Olivia has in store.

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