Classy…an ode to my style icon, Audrey Hepburn

This past week, MAC cosmetics released their new Marilyn Monroe collection. Whilst I was very impressed with the sales girls and their ode to Marilyn with blonde curls in their hair, and bright red lips complete with big, chunky jewelry, I could not help but think, where’s Audrey’s collection?

No disrespect to Marilyn of course. My grandma is one of, if not the biggest Marilyn fan I’ve ever met. Growing up I could have sworn she was best friends with Hollywoods original “It Girl” and they used to play hop scotch together. So while I grew up thinking that Marilyn Monroe was the only icon that ever existed, I eventually realized there was another beauty icon that was more my style, and her name was Audrey Hepburn.

While it would be simply lovely to walk in to MAC one day and see the girls with their perfectly poofed hair, chunky costume jewelry, some soft pink hues and “Moon River” playing perfectly in the background, I can’t help but appreciate the subtle tributes to the ultimate fashion icon that adorn the shelves on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s fall, and while I appreciate all the earth tones, chunky sweaters, and scarves galore, I can’t help but notice the glam that makes me cringe at the fact that I’m broke right now. I walked throughout the mall today and the window displays caught my eye in nearly every single one of my fav trend stores! I hate to admit it, but yes, Forever 21 has stepped up to the plate recently. A lot of their designs have been reminding me of some last season Herve Leger, and dare I say Chanel! Now if only they could work on that polyester and quality

LB solid cutout dress from Forever 21 for $22.80


For the Breakfast at Tiffany’s silhouette,  one could easily find the whole ensemble at Forever (still can’t get used to saying that, but I’m gonna try.) A cute LBD, and some chunky fashion jewelry, a long pearl necklace for $14.99 at the most, and some blinged out studs for $5.99, and even the most die hard Audrey Hepburn fan could dress to the nines, for way less than ninety bucks!

Also, while I wasn’t a fan at first, I really am starting to love these decked out collars. Especially for girls like me who love changing things up and looking for different ways to play with looks, and not too shabby for a girl with a budget (no thanks to a perfect boyfriend whom I love with all my heart but watches EVERY penny I spend.) H&M has a few really cute styles to choose from, some with more pearls, others with more jewels. But these collars are highly recommended for girls who like to infuse a little glam to even the most basic of t-shirts.

Audrey Hepburn

The epitome of glam, and all around class act

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