Fashion Week 2013

Ballerina Barbie meet the Oscar De La Renta Spring 2013 collection

Its the Super Bowl of the Fashion World…its the time when I fear my bank account will decrease to 0. Yes, it’s New York Fashion Week! And what an exciting week it’s been! While some designers are clearly taking risks with their Spring 2013 collections, others are simply having fun and adding twists to classic ensembles.

Marc Jacobs is taking the adventurous route, by focusing his collection on stripes. While bold and classic, stripes aren’t exactly flattering on every silhouette. Like Perez Hilton said on his blog COCOPEREZ, “It’ll definitely be inneresting to see which celebs dare to wear Marc’s collection because it will either be amazing or a disaster.”

Stripes, prints and black and white oh my!

A pleasant surprise for me was Oscar De La Renta’s spring collection. Watching his creations walk down the runway, was like watching a garden grow flush with vibrant colors after months of dreary rain. True to form, his silhouettes were classic in structure but his use of lace and color are what took my breath away. I feel as though this is going to be a huge trend next season!

Tory Burch utilized lace and pastels in her Spring collection as well. Her runway event focused on celebrating elegant femininity. Some of my favorite pieces were classic knee length dresses, and lace andĀ frilled ensembles. For some strange reason, I envision future ads promoting this collection involving couture lemonade stands, complete with pink lemonade poured from a crystal pitcher, into a hot pink martini glass. Tory, if you need my creative assistance call me! I have a vision!

Tory Burch Spring 2013


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