Britney’s new Elle cover inspires my search for new fall trends!

Britney looks stunning in an all leather ensemble

Leave it to Britney to grace the cover of Elle in one of the seasons hottest trends, leather and studs! While it breaks my heart to put my wedges back in their shoe boxes, and all white ensembles back in their garment bags until next summer, I anxiously unpack my boots and browse the fashion blog scenes for some of the seasons hottest trends. Leather is no exception and some of my favorite labels, Vince, Alice and Olivia and Alexander Wang are not disappointing!

While I love me some Marc Jacobs, I feel as though the bulkiness of his designs are far to edgy for this self proclaimed girly girl. After speaking to fashionistas all summer long, many of us have fallen into the “office predicament.” Unfortunately too many companies have fallen under the impression that professionalism in the office has a much high attainable level of being achieved if the life is sucked out of everyone’s wardrobe. As a result, the Carrie Bradshaws of the world are left with a closet full of the colors of Coco Chanel (the ONLY justification and positive thing I could find about having a wardrobe that is 90% black and white by default of my companies dress code.) One woman I spoke to described this idea of having people who work in an office or retail as a way in which corporate execs express their superiority over the “little guys.” Coincidence that a housekeepers traditional wardrobe consists of the same color scheme, perhaps, or perhaps not, nonetheless it is an interesting concept to ponder.

Thus, like a refreshing Starbucks pumpkin spice late comes labels and their edgy, chic pieces, that  I can’t wait to add to my fall work wardrobe! Like Brit’s leather dress I have seen amazing pieces from top name labels and more affordable collections from the likes of H&M and Forever 21 (yes, Forever 21 I will give praises where praises are due, and lately you’ve been stepping up your game. Keep it up!) So hello leather leggings, meet my closet!

leave it to Stacy B. to add femininity to such a rock star piece

this leather mini is sure to be a staple of your fall wardrobe for years to come!

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