It’s good to be back!

Not to come off as that snoody know at all fashionista who would cite the worst fashion offender for wearing last seasons designer knock off with a Forever 21 tag, but yesterday as I was shopping in Urban, I overheard a “wannanista” wannabe fashionista try and impress her friend with her knowledge of the fashion world, and needless to say I wanted to cite the girl. Whilst shopping she was admiring the above forever 21 price tags Urban is known for and stating the $50 tags as being too being expensive “like Dooney and Bourke, Chanel and Guess?” Excuse me, but on what planet and more importantly what mall do you shop in where those 3 labels are even remotely relevant to one another? Ok, ok I suppose you could shop all 3 stores if you were shopping at South Coast, but that is beside the fact. 

This Wannanista’s comment made me realize that sadly, there are far too many individuals out there giving fashionistas a bad name. More importantly, So-Cal fashionistas a bad name. The scenario I’m about to present is obviously tremendously exaggerated but bare with me and understand my frustration.  Imagine what would have happened had this girl made this comment in front of Mr. Chanel himself, Karl Lagerfeld! Comparing products that are made by the masses and made of cheap polyester to designs that are pieces of art in themselves with stunning structure and made of only the finest materials! Gasp! I would ban her from forever uttering the label in a sentence because clearly she has no knowledge of how to use the name in properly. 

Fortunately for her however, we do live in this beautiful country where people per the first ammendment have the right to speak whatever is on their mind. Even if it is committing one of the worst fashion crimes I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. But her comment had inspired me to come back to the world of blogging. She compelled me to believe there needs to be a voice to guide So Cal fashionistas, one that is not motivated by a big name company or hindered by advertisers.


Do I claim to know everything there is to know about fashion? Hardly! I’ve just spent too many years working in retail, and one glorious summer interning as a fashion editor for I’ve spent one too many afternoons spending my hard earned money on must have pieces, bared witness and helped out with fashion shows and had the pleasure of speaking one on one with some of my favorite designers. 


After taking a hiatus after my internship from commenting on the world of fashion, and inspired my recent shopping experience I have come to realize I have too much to say about fashion beyond the character limit in my favorite social media sites. Internet blogosphere, it’s good to be back. 


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